Award of Recognition July 2015

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Recognition winners for their achievement in a specific category of entry
Award of Recognition

Adam Sheshtawy (USA), Faking Famous, Web / Internet Programming
Adrian Roman and XOFeminist Productions (USA), HAPPY HOUR FEMINISM: EPISODES 2 & 3, Actress: Leading (Anna Fishbeyn as the hostess of Happy Hour Feminism), Women Filmmakers
Alan Gignoux (United Kingdom), Appalachia – Mountaintop to Moonscape, Documentary Short
Aleksey Berdennikov (Russia), Fyva, Film Feature
Alex Fichera (USA), Murphy’s Law, Film Short (Student)
Alireza Sadreddini (United Kingdom), Rebirth, Film Short
Ana Jimenez McMillan (USA), Natural Reaction, Film Feature
Andy Zou (USA), Securocam3000, Web / Internet Programming
Ben Montemayor (USA), Surface Hercules, Music Video
Benedict Coen (United Kingdom), Nichola, Film Short
Birke Duncan (USA), Runaway Imagination, Film Short
Bradley Silvius (USA), Painting Pilfinger, Film Short
Brittany Wait (USA), Without You, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Chad Bolling (USA), The Envelope, Film Short
Chelsea Motherwell and Vincent Graziano, Regent University (USA), The Dream Machine, Women Filmmakers
Christopher Styles (USA), The Vet, Film Short
Claudia Adams (USA), DRY-CLEAN ONLY, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Conner Griffith (USA), Ripple, Experimental (Student)
Damien Dematra (Indonesia), The Village Boy, Film Feature
Dan Horrigan (United Kingdom), Devotion, Film Short (Student)
Daniel Goldberg (USA), Stationary, Actress: Supporting (Victoria Guthrie as Sandy), Humor / Humorist, Direction, Script / Writer (Daniel Goldberg and Catherine Weingarten)

IndieFEST Recognition Color
Debbie P. Kelley (USA), Morningside TV Movie Pilot, Television – Pilot Program
Del Weston and Nabi Z (USA), The Dr. Luciana Show on Aging and Falling, Educational / Instructional / Training
Dexter Gardner (USA), Le Mime Chantant, Film Short (Student)
Diana Galimzyanova (Russia), Chronicle of Chronic Pain, Experimental
Donald Watson (USA), Whitey, Actor: Leading (Donald Watson as Whitey)
Edward Shieh (USA), Split End, Asian American
Erick Nettel (Canada), Donating Dreamscenes, Students Say!, Television – Pilot Program
Fred Ireland (USA), Make Him Talk, Film Short
Geena Matuson (USA), My Big Bad Wolf, Experimental
Glenn Ellis (Australia), Acacia, Actress: Leading (Chelsea Richards as Acacia), Actress: Supporting (Vivienne Gia as Lt. Rein Ryder), Film Short, Movie Trailer
Goldie Smitlener (Canada), STOLEN PATH, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Daniela Smitlener as Victoria)
Grace Mi (USA), TPJ, Animation (Student)
Gunsel Pehlivan (USA), Schitz, Women Filmmakers
Jaime Longhi (USA), SHALLOW WATERS: The Public Death of Raymond Zack, Documentary Short
Jennypher Fernandez and Joanna Belbey (USA), New York Passport, Television – Pilot Program
Jimmy Traum (USA), Glass Bottom Boats, Film Short
Joe Bland, Bland Productions (USA), Imperium, Film Short
Jon Silver (USA), Sizzle and Pop, Comedy Program / Series
Joseph Armstrong (USA), Pickpocket, Film Short (Student)
Joseph Villapaz (USA), 14 DAYS, Experimental
Karen Gall (Australia), REDEMPTION ‘People Can Change’, Documentary Short
Karl Huber (USA), The Broadcast, Film Feature
Katie Pyne (USA), Winners Always Quit, Documentary Short (Student)
Ken Davenport (USA), The Bunny Hole, Television – Pilot Program
Lance Kawas (USA), PAID IN FULL, Actress: Leading (Nikki Shah as Rani)
Laura Holliday, Katie Wilbert and Amy Maestri (USA), Terrible HR, Women Filmmakers
Lior Khananaev (Canada), Ecdysis, Film Feature

IndieFEST Recognition Color
Major Gloria A. Downey (USA), Forgive Me Father, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Marcus Sudac (USA), Real World Experience, Web / Internet Programming (Student)
Mark Roeder (USA), Fire Ripples, Special Effects: Non-Animation, Original Score (Glorious Blood by Hector Paradeda)
Martin Zhou (USA), Archie, Film Short (Student)
Martina García Ciai and Mercedes Crimi (Argentina), Forget-me-not, Women Filmmakers
Mathivanan Sakthivel (India), Maha Maha, Film Feature
Michael Giannantonio (USA), True Love, Film Short
Natalie Camou (USA), Her Lips, Experimental (Student), Film Short (Student), Latin / Hispanic (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Natasha Dematra (Indonesia), Tears Of Ghost, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Nir Shelter (Australia), VTV – web series, Web / Internet Programming
Oldren Romero (USA), BAD LUCK, Film Short
Paul Rudelhoff (United Kingdom), Learning Circle, Film Short
Paul S Berry (USA), Making it with Moraes, Reality Programming, Pilot Program / Series
Peter Cannon (USA), Talk With Me, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student)
Rama Vallury, Horse Captain Inc. (USA), Widgets, Television – Pilot Program
Rita Leistner (Canada), MIKLAT (SHELTER), Documentary Short
Rodney Daughtrey (Canada), Away, Music Video
Robin de Zwart (Canada), Circular, Actress: Leading (Eva de Zwart as Natalie)
Shahriar Siami Shal (United Kingdom), Out of Focus, Disability Issues
Stephen Farina (USA), The Trial of Horatio Hough, Documentary Short
Tara-Nicole Azarian (USA), #Nerdtabulous, Webisode (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Tim Spelman (Australia), Keep You Safe, Music Video
Tony Lawrence (Australia), Clare, Experimental
Wang Yao (USA), My Grandparents Climb The Mountain, Documentary Short (Student)
Wijnand Geraerts (Netherlands), MOVE!, Experimental, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Xavier Avery (USA), Revenir, Film Short
Yurii Ermyakov (Russia), Newsreel “Hedgehog”, Educational / Instructional / Training

IndieFEST Recognition Color