Award of Merit Winners Jan 2017

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of MeritAshton Bracciodieta (USA), The Reacher, Film Short
Babis Galanakis (Greece), A Journey, Film Short
Chris Kousouros, What Took You So Long? (USA), Waynak: Where Are You?, Web Series
Coréon Dú (Angola), Bangaologia – The science of style, Documentary Feature
David Tyson Lam (USA), Viral Beauty, Film Feature
Gary Null (USA), Plant Codes, Unleashing Nature’s Healing Power, Documentary Feature
James L. Perry (USA), The Cursed Man, Actor: Leading (Brahm Gallagher as Alister Kunkle)
Justin Ward, Brad Wilson, Casey Bond, Higher Purpose Entertainment, (USA), The Meanest Man In Texas, Actor: Leading (Mateus Ward as Clyde Thompson), Actress: Leading (Alexandra Bard as Julia Perryman), Film Feature, Actor: Supporting (Anthony Guerino as Barney)
Max Bartoli  (USA), The Secret of Joy, Special Purpose Productions
Michael Hilf (USA), The Candidate, Film Short
Mischa Marcus and Stephanie Bell (USA), I Am Still Here, Women Filmmakers
Rob Zazzali (USA), Right Hand Man, Actor: Leading (Rob Zazzali as Danny), Web Series
Ronald Marquisee (USA), The Play Within Documentary, Documentary Feature
Ryan Boyko (Canada), The Camps, Web Series
Sampson Yuen, JK Holdings (Hong Kong/ Canada), Million Loves in Me, Actor: Leading (John Y as Katy), Direction, Sound: Overall Impact
Sandra Luckow (USA), That Way Madness Lies…, Documentary Feature
Sherry Malone (USA), What’s My Price?, Original Song (A League of Your Own composed by Gary Lynn Floyd)
Steven Molony (USA), Oxenfree, Actor: Leading (Steven Molony as Aaron), Direction, Film, Script / Writer, Actor: Supporting (Paul Vonasek as Roy)
Swati Srivastava (USA), Remember When, Film Short
Indie Film Festival winnerAdolfo Doring (USA), ROSE & ROY, Documentary Feature
Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain), Interference, Experimental
Alejandro Figarella Osorio (USA), Hidden Memory, Film Short (Student)
Andrei Stefan Rautu (Romania), Perseids, Actress: Leading (Olimpia Melinte as Ioana)
Ben Reicher (USA), Valor Cat: First Scratch, Animation
Betsy L Ross (USA), Looking for David, Women Filmmakers
Brian Barsuglia (USA), The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Actor: Leading (Gianni Capaldi as Mr. Hyde), Film Feature, Actor: Supporting (Jed Rowen as Dr. Lanyon)
Campbell Dalglish (USA), Road Kill, Film Short
Daniel Hayes (USA), The Honey Badger, Documentary Short, Sports, Fitness / Nutrition
Danielle Kronenberg and Jay Palmieri Jr. (USA), Taste, LGBT
Darnell Lamont Walker (USA), Outside The House, African American
Dave Rodkey (USA), The Race, Film Feature
David Swift, Scott Owen and Mike Cooley (USA), MINE IS THE SUNLIGHT: Refugee Youth in Germany, Documentary Short
Dieter Grohmann (Belgium), The girl with the flute (Das Mädchen mit der Querflöte), Film Short and  follow me, Experimental
Dylan Brody and Brent Carpenter (USA), Dylan Brody’s Driving Hollywood, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays, Humor / Humorist, Script / Writer
Edgar Baghdasaryan (Armenia), The Simon’s way, Film Short
Emma Barrett (USA), Take the Reins, Film Short
Freddy Rodriguez (USA), You’ll Never Know, Music Video
Greg Leslie (USA), The Mender, Documentary Short
Ian Hendry (United Kingdom), The Last Equinox, Film Short

IndieFEST Merit Color

Jack Nordstrom (USA), Puget Sound, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
James L. Perry (USA), The Cursed Man, Actress: Leading (Brinna Locke as Dr. Anna Lee), Film Feature, Actress: Supporting (Ruth Connell as Bonnie)
Jamie Rea (Canada), A Letter To Those Who Have Given Up On Love (A Love Letter To Love), Script / Writer
JD Cohen (Australia), Ravenswood, Actress: Leading (Madeline Marie Dona as Sofia), Film Feature
Jenness Rouse (USA), Becca on Call, Television – Pilot Program, Webisode, Women Filmmakers
Jo Meuris (USA), Marydean Martin Library and Why Use Animation?, Educational / Instructional / Training
Joel Souza (USA), Veracruz, Film Feature
Justin Ward, Brad Wilson, Casey Bond, Higher Purpose Entertainment, (USA), The Meanest Man In Texas, Christian
Kantarama Gahigiri (Switzerland), Lost Angel Less, Music Video
Kent Williamson, Paladin Pictures (USA), By War & By God, Documentary Short
Kerry Mondragon, UNINFLECTED PICTURES (USA), Meet Me At A Funeral, Film Short
Lauren Hoekstra (USA), Kiss ‘N’ Fly, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Lawrence Bucher and Kiyano La’Vin (USA), Under The Radar, Actor: Leading (Kiyano La’Vin as Miles Bentley)
Louie Rosa Alicea (USA), A Beautiful Trip, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Maia Porter, NatuReal Balance MK & Dr. Khalid White, Blkmpwr, LLC (USA), Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimony & Triumph, African American
Maritza Brikisak (USA), The Lurking Man – FEATURE, Actor: Leading (Daniel Lench as Sariel), Actor: Supporting (Frank Krueger as Wilson)
Max Bartoli  (USA), The Secret of Joy, Film Short
Michael Fallavollita (USA), TALE of the KITE, Actor: Leading (Kevin DeSimone as Kevin)
Michael Hilf (USA), A Game of Chicken, Film Short
Michael Satzinger (Austria), MUXE, LGBT
IndieFEST Merit Color

Myra Rivera, Brightside Productions (USA), Anomie, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Ned Farr (USA), THE DIRNDL, Film Short
Norman Greg McGuire (USA), The Lucky Man, Film Feature
Robert Shannon (United Kingdom), The Information, Film Short
Roberta Staley (Canada), Mightier Than the Sword, Documentary Short
Sampson Yuen, JK Holdings (Hong Kong/ Canada), Million Loves in Me, Film Feature, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, Actor: Supporting (Wilson Lee as James), Actress: Supporting (Ruby Yap as Cindy), Script / Writer, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Shakti Bhagchandani (United Arab Emirates), LostFound, Film Short
Sherry Malone (USA), What’s My Price?, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmaker
Simmer Bhatia, Path To Origin (India), The Conversations…A Journey to Path to Origin, Women Filmmaker, Creativity / Originality, Script / Writer
Stefano Ferrari and Michael Beltrami, RSI (Switzerland), Me, sexual assistant, Documentary Short
Stephen Riscica (USA), It Gets Better?, LGBT
Tash Ann (USA), Glass Ceiling, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Teresa Vélez (Ecuador), Forbidden Melody, Film Short, Women Filmmaker, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Thomas Fink (Denmark), Save Mom – ALSO in Africa, Documentary Short
Tom Wilton (USA), Luna Park, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Freddie Connor as Jimmy), Actress: Leading (Fiona Graham as Carly)
Turner Baietto (USA), Someday, Film Short
Tyler  Moore (USA), Finding Max, Film Short
Wes Hager, Triple Seven Pictures (USA), Little West 12th Street, LGBT (Student)
Yves Beneche (USA), Fortunate Son, Film Short

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