Award of Merit October 2015

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit
IndieFEST Film Awards

Ante Novakovic (USA), Leaves of the Tree, Actress: Leading (Marisa Brown as Roberta Ryan)
Brandon Scarry and Lauren hart, Enchanted Ink, Animation (Student)
Chad Howitt (USA), Welcome to the Last Bookstore, Documentary Short
Christina Paschyn (Qatar), A Struggle for Home: The Crimean Tatars, Documentary Short, Islamic, Women Filmmakers
Cleo Tellier (Canada), The Silence, Special Purpose Productions, Makeup, Direction
Cristhian Andrews (USA), One Second Changes Everything, Actress: Leading (Ruya Koman as Audrey)
Daniel Stilling (USA), NaturePlay, Cinematography
David Martínez Álvarez (Spain), Flow, Actor: Leading (Juan Del Santo as Walter Mann)
Igor Runov (USA), Ave Maria – XX century, Experimental
Jane D. Watson (USA), Crossing Waters, Women Filmmakers
Jaswant Dev Shrestha (USA), The Treason, Actor: Leading (Jaswant Dev Shrestha as Jorge)
Jessika Pilkes (USA), Chasing Light, Film Short
Jon Peters (USA), Mermaids on Mars, Children / Family Programming
Joshua Durham (USA), Shadowboxing, Film Short
Keith Fraser (USA), A Meeting of the Minds, Actor: Leading (Ryan Caraway as Dorian), Script / Writer
Kim Sønderholm and Martin Sonntag (Denmark), Harvest, Actor: Leading (Kim Sønderholm as John)
Kiran Nakti (India), Cinderella, Film Feature, Direction
Mark Carey (USA), The Ashes of Brush Flats, Film Feature
Markus Rutledge (USA), Electric Man by Rival Sons, Music Video
Pioneer Cinema Institute, Adam Pfleghaar (USA), In Search of Balance, Documentary Feature
Stacey Ann Shevlin and Kristine Muller (USA), Not Phillip And I, Film Short
Sylvia Congxin Qi (USA), iDeal Wife, Asian American (Student)
Thiago DaDalt (USA), Life on a Leash, Television – Pilot Program
Zachary Paunov (Bulgaria), HOMBRE, Film Feature
Indie Film Festival winner

Aaditi Dutt (India), Nepal Heroes, Special Purpose Productions
Adam Reeves (USA), My Brother’s Shoes, Film Feature
Adolfo Doring (USA), ROSE & ROY, Documentary Feature
Aimee Ng and Grant Chang, The Perfect Asian Pear Productions (USA), Finding You, Asian American
Alethea Root (USA), Orphan is the New Orange, Women Filmmakers (Alethea Root & Meredith Riley Stewart), Actress: Leading (Jennifer Sorenson as Sarah, Alison, Beth, Cosima, Jennifer, Helena, Katja, Tony, Krystal, Rachel), Editing (Austin Anderson)
Alex Merkin (USA), THIS MODERN MAN IS BEAT,  Actress: Leading (Sheena Colette as Habib’s Wife)
Allen Redwing (USA), Punkin Pie, Film Short
Amanda Serra and Linda Palmer (USA), Carbon Dating – Season One, Episode 1: The Art of Meeting Men – Terpsichore – The Muse of Dance, Webisode, Web / Internet Programming, Women Filmmakers, Editing
Ante Novakovic (USA), Leaves of the Tree, Casting (Donna M. McKenna, C.S.A.)
Arkasha Stevenson (USA), Vessels, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Bradley Hawkins (USA), Roller Coaster, Film Short, Direction, Editing (Daniel Hoppes), Original Score (Jim Casella – Original Music Score), Sound Editing / Sound Mixing (Tyler Bailey).
Brandon Chappell, Charter Road Productions Inc. special thanks to the Academy of Art University (USA), REPROGRAMMED, Christian (Student)
C.B. Liffer (USA), Sunshine, Women Filmmakers
Cameron McCasland, (USA), Tailypo, Film Short
Carissa Kacmarek (USA), Our Little Secret, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Carla Feldpausch Siegle (USA), Zombie Jesus, Film Short
Carla Patullo (USA), Cinderella, A Shadow Ballet, Original Score
Carlo Caldana (USA), Smile Again, Jenny Lee, Film Feature
Cecilia Pego (Mexico), Spiral Labyrinth, Film Short
Chang Mu Yun, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), Gifted, Documentary Short (Student)
Chiao-Wei Ku, Tung Fon University of Technology (Taiwan), Lock, Film Short (Student)
Ching-Yi Lin, Chaoyang University of Technology (Taiwan), Dream On, Documentary Short (Student)
Chris Alfonso (USA), In Plain Sight, Documentary Short (Student)
Christel Veraart (USA), Alyeska, Original Score, Music Video
Christopher Lukas (USA), The Antibody, Documentary Short
Colleen Davie Janes (USA), First Chair, Women Filmmakers

IndieFEST Merit Color

Daniel Stilling (USA), NaturePlay, Documentary Feature, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
David Bertran (USA), Synapse, Movie Trailer
David Huffman and Eric Keith (USA), Fork, Film Short
Deborah Louise Ortiz, Dangerous Curves Productions (USA), Code 9 Officer Needs Assistance, Documentary Feature
Dee Garceau (USA), Remember Fort Pillow, Documentary Short
Desiree Elle (USA), Shaded Reflections, Actress: Leading (Desiree Elle as Carla)
Dirty Old Bar (USA), Dirty Old Bar, Webisode, Web / Internet Programming
Ersel Ulutash (United Kingdom), Dirty Back Seat, Film Short
Gavin Gallagher (Ireland), The Monaco / Land Frigate of Burning Man, Documentary Short
Geoff Poister (USA), To Russia for Love or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cold War, Documentary Short
Gia Vangieri (USA), How to Not: Pilot Episode, Web / Internet Programming
Gin-Houng Hong (Taiwan), How to be A Soldier, Film Short (Student)
Gray Hodgkinson (New Zealand), Displaced, Animation, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Greg Batiansila (USA), Runner, Christian
Harvey Lowry (USA), UNION BOUND, Film Feature
Hilary Pryor (Canada), Count to Twelve, Women Filmmakers
Hsiang Tsai, Kun Shan University (Taiwan), The First Blood, Film Short (Student)
Hua-Ling Liao, Kun-shan University (Taiwan), Unforgettable, Film Short (Student)
Jake Smith (South Korea), While They Watched, Documentary Feature
Jason Cabell and Asif Akbar (USA), Smoke Filled Lungs, Actor: Leading (Jason Cabell as Edward), Film Feature, African American
Jaswant Dev Shrestha (Nepal/USA), Mustang Secrets Beyond the Himalayas, Documentary Feature, Cinematography, Direction, On-Camera Talent (Jaswant Dev Shrestha), Voice-Over Talent (Jaswant Dev Shrestha) AND Arla (Commercial), Commercial / Infomercial
Jesse Binger and Kaitlyn Johnston (USA), Captive, Film Short
Jessica L. Ransom and Veronica Heffron (USA), #Roommates, LGBT
Jian-He Lin, (Taiwan), STAY WITH ME, Film Short (Student)
Joao Pedro Oliveira (Portugal/Brazil), Aphâr, Animation
Jody Oberfelder (USA), Dance of the Neurons, Film Short
John Gallagher (USA), We Remember, Actor: Leading (Kohl Beck as Anders), Actor: Supporting (Artie Pasquale as Dad), Film Short, LGBT
John Gomez Goodway (Australia), Pablo’s Den, Film Short
John Kim (USA), Battle Deadline, Film Short (Student)
Jonathan Moyer (USA), Haiti 10, Documentary Feature
Jonathan Helmuth (USA), The Flying Dutchmen, Documentary Feature
JT Rakitan (USA), Along Those Lines, Film Feature (Student)
Judson Vaughan (United Kingdom), Soul Breaker, Film Short
Justin Garcia and Raquel M. Sangalang, Regent University (USA), Terrance, Film Short (Student)

IndieFEST Merit Color

Katrina Munday, Maite Garcia and Crystal Lane Swift (USA), Silence, Actress: Leading (Crystal Lane Swift as the Black Rose), Film Short, Women Filmmakers (Elba Soto-Quinones, Crystal Lane Swift, and Maite Garcia, Writers/Producers)
Kelly Parks (USA), Work Related, Webisode
Kenneth Sanabria (Costa Rica), Insomnia, Film Short, Script / Writer, Direction (Kenneth Sanabria), Actor: Leading (Eric Calderon as Caesar), Original Score (Insomnia by Kenneth Jiménez), Original Song (Insomnia music by Kenneth Jiménez, lyrics by Roxana Amed), Cinematography (Juan Valverde Fonseca)
Kevin Rios (USA), Made of Sugar, Film Short
Kimmy Evans and Kirsten Filonczuk (USA), Welcome Home, Loser!, Web / Internet Programming, Webisode
Lai Yu-Fang, Chaoyang University of Technology (Taiwan), Poi: Fire Within, Documentary Short (Student)
Linda Rumney (Canada), Infidelity, Film Short
Lindsey Weissman (USA), What You Love Most – Galen Robinson, Music Video
Luis “Duplicuts” Reyes (USA), Pass It Off, Music Video
Mattias Löw (Sweden), THE INDIAN PRIEST, Documentary Feature
Mayfair Games (USA), The Bob & Angus Show – season 11, Web / Internet Programming, Webisode
Meissa Hampton (USA), Treasure Map, Actress: Leading (Meissa Hampton as Heather)
Melanie Star Scot, Topp Scot Productions (USA), Sangria Lift, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Michael A. MacRae (USA), The First Step, Film Short
Michael Jordan (USA), Tomorrow, Music Video
Michael McGovern (USA), A Higher Road, Documentary Short (Student)
Miriam Abu Sharkh (USA), Life Under Siege, Documentary Feature
Mischa Auzins (USA), Bedtime Story, Film Short
Mitchell Kezin (USA), Jingle Bell Rocks!, Documentary Feature
Nathaniel Lezra (USA), Young Bull, Actor: Leading (Andrew Asper as JJ), Direction, Cinematography
Pablo Frasconi (USA), The Light at Walden, Experimental
Patricia Guerra Ovín (United Kingdom), Giving Up The Ghost, Film Feature
Paul Gross (Australia), Two emperors, Television – Pilot Program
Peter Triest (Belgium), Out Of The Desert, Documentary Short
Pietro A. Lombardo (USA), OHMAWING, Documentary Short
Pino Moreau (USA), Shark Tears, Experimental
Preston Maybank (USA), The Agitated, Animation
Puthima Wongdeeprasith (USA), The Journey, Animation (Student)
Robert James Ashe (USA), Scarman, Disability Issues
Rodrigo Zanforlin (USA), Blue Bird, Experimental
Ruth Baird (USA), Love and Miss Lily, Film Short
Satya Bhabha (USA), Cover Up, Film Short
Sean Daniel Bauer (USA), El Camino, Actor: Leading (David Ty Reza as Miguel), Actor: Supporting (Robert A. Macias as Dio), Film Feature, Latin / Hispanic, Editing (Sean Daniel Bauer)
Shu-Han Jhang, National Taiwan University of Technology (Taiwan), The Door, Animation (Student)
Silvia Kovatchev (USA), Moments From A Sidewalk, Actress: Leading (Anna Rizzo as Sarah)
Stavroula Toska (USA), BENEATH THE OLIVE TREE, Film Feature
Tom Danger (Australia), Lead Me Astray, Film Feature
Vincent Giordano (USA), Born Warriors Redux: Bound Fists, Documentary Feature
Wilson Wong (Canada), Dream Hoops: Game Time. All The Time., Commercial / Infomercial
Ya-Ching Tseng, National Formosa University at Taiwan (Taiwan), Walls Unfold, Animation (Student)
Yi-Ting Lu (Taiwan), The boy with horns, Film Short (Student)
Yu-Chun Liu, Ling Tung University (Taiwan), In Between, Animation (Student)
Yu-Nien Chien and Soobum Park (USA), Revolutionary Rabbit, Animation (Student)
Yusuf Sumer (Turkey), Fauna, Film Short
Yuval Sussler (USA), Split Frames, Film Short
Zhen-Wei Zhong, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), Green’s Factor, Film Short (Student)

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