Award of Merit May 2016

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit
IndieFEST Film AwardsAnaëlle Morf, ECAL/Dreampixies (Switzerland)
, Jewish Blind Date, Jewish (Student)
Craig Murray (USA), Ghost Against Ghost – Checkpoint Charlie, Music Video
Diego Rougier (Chile), Alma (Soul), Latin / Hispanic, Direction
Eunice Olsen (Singapore), Womentalk tv – Dr. Maya Bhattachan, Documentary Short
Falko Jakobs (Germany), A DIFFERENT SET OF CARDS, Film Feature
Guy Quigley, ThunderSmoke Media/Futurist Ape (USA), Apparition (US) /The Nesting (International), Actor: Leading (Jody Quigley as Doug)
Justin Connor (USA), THE GOLDEN AGE, Actor: Leading (Justin Connor as Maya O’Malley)
Matasila Freshwater (New Zealand), Shmeat, Animation, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
McKay Stewart (USA), West Side Swordy, Film Short
Michael McQuown (USA), The Dark Tapes, Film Feature
Michael Worth (USA), Broken Memories, Film Feature
Mike Gerard (USA), The Trial Of Everett Mann, Actor: Leading (Sean Borderes as Everett Mann)
Rob Scratch Mitchell and Teresa Riley (Canada), Swing Out, Music Video
Spencer Heath (Canada), Nemesis, Film Short
Stanley Jacobs (USA), 96 SOULS, Actor: Supporting (Sid Veda as Ram Tambel)
Vishal Furia and Jitendra Patil, Midas Touch Movies (India), Lapachhapi, Cinematography (Chandan Kowli)
Indie Film Festival winnerAl Milgrom and Dan Geiger (USA), The Dinkytown Uprising, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Alfonso Burgos (Spain), The Memory of the Hands. Echoes of C. Freinet’s pedagogic legacy in Murcia, Documentary Feature
An Pham (USA), Blind Light, Film Short
Andrea Gandini (France), Just a place in the sun, Experimental
Bernadette Slowey (USA), Berni’s Journey, Documentary Feature
Bijan Mottahedeh (USA), Blast Zone, Experimental
Bob Sly, Bigsly Enterprises (USA), Make It Home: A Story of Resettlement, Documentary Short
Boyd Waltman (USA), Midnight, the Stars and You: Kubrick’s 2001 and The Shining, Experimental, Editing
Carlo Maximilian Speidel (Switzerland), Pablo Nouvelle feat. Sam Wills – I Will, Music Video
Carlos Cardona (USA), Second Chance, Film Feature
Caroline Farrell (Ireland), In Ribbons, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Chen Tz-Yu (Taiwan), Liar, Film Short (Student)
Clement Soo (Australia), Nia, Film Short (Student)
Danielle Ryan (Australia), The Last Sea Treasure, Women Filmmakers
David Block (USA), Gift Horses, Documentary Short (Student)
David Watkins (USA), HEART: Flatline to Finish Line, Disability Issues
Elizabeth Guest (USA), Guest Appearances, Women Filmmakers
Federico Olivetti (Italy), Sottoterra, Film Short
Gabriel Alicto Chavez (USA), More than Words, Actress: Leading (Student) (Samm Wiechec as Rachel Newcomb), Film Short (Student)
Geoffrey Haack and Ian Chilcote, TinkrSF (USA), Frequency, Film Short
Gregory Brown (USA), Shallow Creek, Film Short

IndieFEST Merit Color

Heather Spencer (USA), C – A Celebration of Life, Special Purpose Productions, Women Filmmakers, Health / Medicine / Science, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, Documentary Short
Holly Thompson (Australia), Dysphoria, Experimental
HR Mariana (USA), Our Perfect World, Film Short (Student)
Jag Pannu Productions/VCR Media (Australia), Broken Contract, Film Feature
Jason Barnes (USA), Unreported, Film Feature
Jaspreet Kaur (Canada), Poignant, Film Feature
Jesse Richton (USA), TWITCH, Film Short
Johannes Grenzfurthner (Austria), Traceroute, Documentary Feature, History / Biographical, Tourism / Travel, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
John David Moffat (USA), Lion and The Lady, Music Video
John Henry Richardson (USA), …Where is she now?, Film Feature, Direction, Editing, Script / Writer
Karl Sterner (Sweden), Not knowing who you are is a beautiful source of surprises, Film Feature
Ken Yoshioka (Japan), Umishu, Film Short
Kendall Bryant (USA), The Clue, Women Filmmakers (Student), Actress: Leading (Student) (Nathalie Pownall as Noa), Cinematography (Student)
Kevin Ignatius (USA), Hook Man, Film Short
Laget Lionel (France), When the heron flies, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Laura Bray, Julie Asriyan and Jenna Ciralli (USA), Casting Call | The Project, Women Filmmakers
Li Lin Wee (Singapore), My Autograph Book, Film Short
Marcelo Torcida (Paraguay), Like Drops, Experimental and Happy those who cry, Film Feature, Latin / Hispanic, Christian
Matthieu Di Stefano (France), Death and the Maiden, Film Short

IndieFEST Merit Color

Michael Salmon (United Kingdom), Equal Measure, Film Short
Michael Helmuth Hansen (Denmark), Digital Romance, Animation
Mike Gerard (USA), The Trial Of Everett Mann, Film Short
Nathan Mewett (Australia), Sol Bunker, Actor: Leading (Ben Mortley as Sol Bunker), Actor: Supporting (Alex Bryans as Addie Bunker)
Nicholas Rose (USA), Above Jewels, Women Filmmakers
Nico Piro (Italy), KILLA DIZEZ – LIFE AND DEATH IN THE TIME OF EBOLA, Documentary Feature
Oscar Rodríguez Górriz (USA), Doris, Film Short (Student)
Rachael Meyers (USA), Silent Friends (Chenmo De Pengyou), Film Short
Rachel Breitag (USA), (IM)MORAL, Actress: Supporting (Rachel Breitag as Ava), Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Ryan Davy (USA), The Parricidal Effect, Film Feature
Ryan LaPine (USA), Pushing, Film Short, Creativity / Originality, Script / Writer
Sam Stevenson and Harrison Friend (Australia), Famous, Actor: Leading (Samuel Stevenson as Louis Haas)
Sara Kelly (USA), Model Citizens, Documentary Feature
Saul Lotzof (United Kingdom), Alone, Actor: Leading (Student) (Zac Gabriel Werb as James), Educational / Instructional / Training, Film Short (Student)
Schuyler Helford and Alexandra Ruddy (USA), #Cybriety, Webisode Episode 7 “Neighbor Ellen”, Web Series
Stanley Jacobs (USA), 96 SOULS, Actress: Supporting (Toyin Moses as Bazemint Tape), Actor: Leading (Grinnell Morris as Jack Sutree), Actor: Supporting (Kevin Rock as William Bleu)
Steffen Geypens (Belgium), Hold Back, Film Short
Yoshimi Itazu, Production I.G (Japan), Pigtails, Animation, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery

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