Award of Merit May 2015

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit
IndieFEST Film AwardsAndré Luiz Oliveira, (Brazil),
ZIRIG DUM BRASILIA, Documentary Feature
Andrew Pilmer (USA)
, No Extras, Film Short
Brandon Baer (USA), Relative Persuasion, Film Short
Cecilia Gragnani (United Kingdom), Witch In Me, Music Video
Corinna Mendis (USA), Not in My Neighborhood – A New Beginning, Television – Pilot Program
Daniel Diosdado (USA), Chromosome 4, Film Short
David Tran, WA Screen Academy (Australia), Two Halves, Film Short (Student)
Dawn Jackson, WA Screen Academy (Australia), Jennifer’s Coming Home, Film Short (Student)
Derek LaPorte (USA), Qualia, Actress: Supporting (June Carryl as Doris Davis)
Diego Duran (Colombia), The Other Side, Web/Internet Programming
Fernando Andrés (USA), Mugs, Film Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Françoise Roumanet (France), Locked Outside, Women Filmmakers
Grant Mason (United Kingdom), I Am Me, Film Feature, Disability Issues
Hartmut Idzko (Germany), LAOGAI – Forced Labor in China, Documentary Short, History / Biographical
Joel Vargas and Cosima Cabrera (USA), The Ninth Girl, Actress: Leading (Cosima Cabrera as Natalie)
John Matton (USA), Till We Meet Again, Actor: Leading (Johan Matton as Erik), Film Feature
Kai Lu (USA), The Cost of Love, Documentary Short (Student)
Katherine Roselli (USA), OLD?!, Documentary Feature
Kim Mavromatis and Quenten Agius (Australia), King’s Seal, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Lindsey Blaufarb (USA), It Takes Movement To Create Change, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Mark Brocking (United Kingdom), The Barber’s Cut, Film Short
Megan Canale (USA), Desolate, Film Short (Student)
Michael Dinesen (Denmark), SKIN AND BONES, Documentary Feature
Michele Bizzi (Italy), Selfers, Web / Internet Programming
Mike Hill (Australia), Little Stars, Documentary Short
Mirra Bank (USA), THE ONLY REAL GAME, Documentary Feature
Reno Venturi (USA), Into The Darkness, Film Short
Ritika Bajaj Vijra (India), AN UNTOLD STORY OF A KNOWN IRONY, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Direction
Ross Carey and Emmet O’Brien (Ireland), Comic Potential, Film Short
Stephanie Jackson (USA), Rabid Weight Loss, Web Tube Length Video / Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?, Comedy Program/Series, Web Series, Web Video Blogging / Vlog
Stephen Corston (Canada), The Spirit in 39B, Actress: Leading (Amelia MacIssac as Carrie), Film Short
Susanne Lenz-Gleißner (Germany), Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm, Documentary Short
Thomas Cznarty (USA), After the Sweat Dries, Documentary Short
Wilder Konschak and Stirling McLaughlin (USA), Positive Visualization, Web Tube Length Video
Indie Film Festival winnerAlexis DeBad (Canada), Paisley Dayz, Music Video
Anne O’Neal (USA), Sing Your Own Song, Documentary Feature, Women Filmmakers, Arts / Cultural / Performance/Plays
Anya Tarasova, WA Screen Academy (Australia), Madhouse, Documentary Short (Student) / Rap Battles, Documentary Short (Student)
Armen Aghaeian (USA), KEYHOLE, Film Short
Arthur Anderson (USA), Studio City, Television – Pilot Program
Autumn Holladay (USA), Nowhere, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Beka Sikharulidze (Georgia), Grandpa’s Debtor, Film Short
Benjamin Reicher (USA), Valor Cat, Animation (Student)
Brian Boenau and Bryan Loy (USA), Playthings, Film Short (Student)
Brian Geiger and Madison Cassaday (USA), Brando, Actor: Leading (Madison Cassaday as Trevor), Film Short
Brian Morelan (Canada), Mining Moon, Original Score (Soundtrack by Don Yule)
Briege Whitehead, WA Screen Academy (Australia), Delivering Demons, Documentary Short (Student) / Share, Film Short (Student)
Calvin Bridges (USA), So Easy To Love, Music Video
Candice Carella (USA), Pony, Film Short, Script / Writer (Candice Carella), Original Song (Come Down Rain)
Cara Phillips, WA Screen Academy (Australia), The Couch, Film Short (Student) /  Awhile, Documentary Short (Student)
Cédric Dall’Aglio and Stéphane Roda (France), To life, To love, To death, Film Short
Charlie Crane (United Kingdom), Talgar the Hunter, Film Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Cho Yeon Yun, (South Korea), Spring in my life, LGBT
Christian Doran (Australia), Echoes, Film Short
C.J. Revan (UK), Christopher Wren builds a Cathedral, Women Filmmakers, Makeup
Claudia Pickering (USA), Winning Formula, Film Feature
Courtney Scott (USA), From Suffering to Satori, Documentary Feature
Cristian Piazza (USA), WAITING, Documentary Feature
Dan Huiting (USA), Simian Ghost – Never Really Knew, Music Video
Dan Enrique, (USA), Emotion For Empathy, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student), Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Dana Richardson & Sarah Zentz (USA), GOSHEN, Women Filmmakers
Dana Brawer (USA), The Red Card, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Daren Seifert (USA), Psyche, Animation
David Tran, WA Screen Academy (Australia), Moving On, Documentary Short (Student)
Dawn Jackson, WA Screen Academy (Australia), Zara’s World, Documentary Short (Student)
Derek LaPorte (USA), Qualia, Film Feature
Duccio Giordano (Italy), Gomorraland, Documentary Feature

IndieFEST Merit Color

Edmundo Aguilar (USA), Your Life Matters: Black Parents Speak out About Injustice and Blackness in America, Liberation / Social Justice/Protest (Student)
Emily Faulkner (USA), Why We Dance, Experimental
Eric Maierson (USA), An Ape Walk Into a Bar: A True Story, Animation
Federico Olivetti (Italy), The Guest, Film Short
Gabriel Simon (USA), Siren, Actor: Leading (Chris Barbis as The Man), Actress: Supporting (Kelsey George Mogensen as The Woman), Film Short, Original Score (Siren: Official Soundtrack)
Gamal Istiyanto (Indonesia), Middleman, Film Feature
Gupse Ozay (Turkey), Deliha, Women Filmmakers
Harry Owens (USA), Mute, Film Short
Huanglizi Sun (USA), Cara, Film Short (Student)
Jake Shannon, WA Screen Academy (Australia), Stapleman, Film Short (Student) / Sword Play, Documentary Short (Student)
Jane Elizabeth Walsh (United Kingdom), Every Second Sunday, Actress: Supporting (Jane Elizabeth Walsh as Kim), Film Short
Jennifer Alphonsse (India), Strangerssss, Women Filmmakers
Jeremy Yung and Henry Poon (Hong Kong, China), The Last Crayon, Educational / Instructional / Training
Jesse Reid (USA), Natalya and Ethan Do America, Film Short
Jezabel Montero (USA), Cassanova Was A Woman, Women Filmmakers
Jinane Chaaya, (Lebanon), Moneta, Film Short
Joel Moffett (USA), Technical Difficulties of Intimacy, LGBT
John Lacy, (USA), The Reveal…, Actor: Leading (Stephen Zimpel as Lane Ridley), Actor: Supporting (Paul Bond as Mr. Chattanooga), Actress: Supporting (Elizabeth Greer as Nina Butler), Web / Internet Programming, Direction, Original Song (1,000 Eyes by Jhon Doria)
John Fantasia (USA), A Human Story, Film Short, Actor: Leading (John Fantasia as Dan)
Josh Hale (Australia), [Insert Words Here], Film Short, Actress: Leading (Chantal Ward as Tracey Castle)
Julie Michaels and Peewee Piemonte (USA), Last Writes, Film Short
Jun Park (USA), My Joshua, Animation
Katherine Sainte Marie (USA), Diaries from Wonderland, Web / Internet Programming
Kevin P. Gabel and Madison Thomas (Canada), Seven Drinks, LGBT
Laura Carnet (Canada), Sleeper of the Valley, Experimental
Laura Richardson, Elisabeth Blake and Marnie Olson (USA), Namaste Bitches, Webisode
Laurie Jaffe and Michael Jaffe (USA), Journey to a Miracle: Freedom from Insulin, Documentary Short
Llane Munau, CSCM-University of Goroka (Papua New Guinea), Pawa Meri: Voice of Change, Women Filmmakers

IndieFEST Merit Color

Marcel Bracks, WA Screen Academy (Australia), Bittersweet, Film Short (Student) / Nick and Ollie, Documentary Short (Student)
Mark Zampella (USA), The Half Twin, Film Short
Matthew Van Vorst, (USA), Tri-State, Web / Internet Programming
Matt Orefice (USA), Bubble Bubble Meows and the Lame-O Baby Jib, Children / Family Programming
Michael O’Halloran (Australia), Break The Rock Concept Trailer, Movie Trailer
Michael Mileham (USA), The Jungle Of Jules Levine, Film Short
Michael Hardesty (USA), 24HR Records – FIST, Webisode
Michael Rossi (USA), Misogynist, Direction
Mika Ela Fisher (France), Die Tapferen Haende im Chaos der Zeit, Costume Design
Muhammad Alfian Ahmad (Singapore), Lingkaran Setan, Film Short (Student)
Nancy Allison and Paul Allman (USA), Hamadryad, Nature/Environment / Wildlife
Nick Henley (USA), Get Got, Film Short
Nicolas Roquefort-Villeneuve (USA), SEX ADDICTION, Documentary Short
Olley Edwards (United Kingdom), Epidemic of Knowledge, Disability Issues
Pablo Romo (Spain), Cafeína, Experimental
Patrycjusz Kostyszyn (Poland), Go Fish!, Film Short
Peter Kelly (Ireland), Frank Duff and the Legion of Mary, Christian
Poppy van Oorde-Grainger, WA Screen Academy (Australia), Flewnt, Documentary Short (Student) / Water, Film Short (Student)
Rasheed Bailey (United Kingdom), Transitions, LGBT
Renée Paillés, (Mexico), TIED, Experimental (Student)
Renza Fechser (USA), Relic, Animation, Film Short
Riley Wilson (USA), Orange Bright, Film Short
Ruth Ketau, CSCM-University of Goroka (Papua New Guinea), Pawa Meri: Never Give Up, Documentary Short
Scott Herriott (USA), Flip Flop Flipped – Further Adventures of a Random Nature on the A.T., Documentary Feature
Sean O’Neill (USA), Companion, Animation (Student)
Shahrzade Ehya (USA), Ashes and Urn – Official Music Video – Miss March, Music Video
Sherre Chappell (USA), SPOOF, Christian
Stanlee Ohikhuare (Nigeria), KPIANS – the feast of souls, Film Feature
Stanley Sievers (USA), GEAR, Film Short
Stefano Milla (USA), Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion, Film Feature
Stephanie Chiew (Canada), Mother, Animation (Student)
The NZ Film School, Crew 28 (New Zealand)A Cold Day in Summer, Film Short (Student)
Tim Plowden (United Kingdom), The Return Of The Salmon, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Tony Kelly (Ireland), The Hurler, Web Series, Actor: Leading (Tony Kelly as Gar Campion), Script/Writer
Usher Morgan (USA), Prego, Actress: Leading (Katie Vincent as Emily), Film Short
Wai Lun Lo (Hong Kong), THE KILLERS, Film Short

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