Award of Merit July 2015

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit
IndieFEST Film Awards
Alex Fischman (Peru), New Neighbors, Old Fights (La Vieja Quinta), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Alexander Kasstan (Canada), LOVERS LOST, Film Feature
Arsen Azatyan and Nariné Mkrtchyan (Armenia), THE GLASS TRINKET, Film Feature
Athina Krikeli (USA), Elassona: The secret path to Mt Olympus, Documentary Short
Cynthia Bravo, Glix Entertainment (USA), The Last Night Inn, Film Feature
David Hovan (Canada), SHATTERED, Film Short
Fanny-Gaëlle Gentet and Taso Mikroulis (USA), Trifles For a Massacre, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Taso Mikroulis as The Serial Killer)
Francesco Mazza (USA), Frankie (italian roulette), Film Short
Grace Kim, University of North Texas (USA), Lingering Thoughts, Film Short (Student)
Hoyt Richards (USA), INTERSECTION, Actor: Leading (Hoyt Richards as Cobb Mills)
Jack Martin (USA), VVVH, Film Short (Student)
Jack Webb (Australia), Hand of Art, Film Feature
Jesse V. Johnson (USA), The Beautiful Ones, Film Feature
Joan Molloy (United Kingdom), Unravelling Eve, Documentary Short
Jordan Hackworth (USA), The Tin Man Project, Documentary Feature
Juha Lehtola (Finland), Boy upside down, Actor: Leading (Esa Nikkila as Oliver)
Kevin Molony (United Kingdom), Short Supply, Film Short
Lawrence Johnson, Rose High Bear and Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. (USA), The Cutting Edge: Climate and the People of the Caribou, Documentary Short
Linda Kruse (USA), Krusing America, Tourism / Travel, Children / Family Programming, Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program / Series, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Mardig Sheridan (USA), The Gift, Film Short
Murray Foster and Darren Portelli (Canada), The Cocksure Lads Movie, Film Feature
Oskar Rosetti (Switzerland), I Scream your Name, Film Short
Paul Sapiano (USA), Driving While Black, Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
Renos Gavris (Cyprus), Austerity, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
Robert C. Stone (USA), From Trauma to Peace, Documentary Feature
Romina Schwedler (USA), Bad Connections, Commercial / Infomercial
Sara Botsford and Christopher Brown (USA), Those Damn Canadians, Actor: Leading (Christopher Shyer as Dick Reddick)
Shelly Carmel (USA), One Piece, Women Filmmakers
Thomas “Tom” Bohn (Germany), Black Wedding, Film Feature
Tony Schweikle and Tony Randel (USA), Hybrids, Film Feature (with Paul Sorvino)
Indie Film Festival winnerAbbie Duquette (USA), The Smiffenpoofs: A History of Female A Cappella, Documentary Short (Student)
Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain), Confession, Film Short
Alex Afshar (Sweden), THE LIVING FOREST, Film Short
Allex Medrado (Brazil), This is not a pipe, Film Short
Allison Tate and Signe Okkels Larsen (USA), Urban Harvest, Documentary Short (Student)
Amanda Cole (USA), High Falls, Television – Pilot Program
American Hero Films (USA), Voiceless, Christian
Anatoly Malukhin (Russia), TREES, Documentary Short
Aneel Ahmad (United Kingdom), Rickshaw Passenger, Film Short
Angie Lawing (USA), How to Kill a Pitch, Film Short
Arlene Bogna (USA), The Ballad Of Snake Oil Sam, Women Filmmakers
Bahman Tavoosi (Canada), A Dress Rehearsal for an Execution, Documentary Short
Ben Rider (United Kingdom), To Love Somebody, Film Feature, Direction
Brandon Polanco (USA), Alchemy, Film Short
Calvin Gibbon (USA), End of Summer, Film Short
Cameron Barrett (USA), Older Adult Fire Safety, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Women Filmmakers
Chiung-wen Chang (USA), When Mom Visits, LGBT
Chris Cush (USA), Connect, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Chris Frampton (Canada), Guy on Girl, Film Short
Chris Renfer (USA), Supercharged with Supercapacitors, Documentary Short
Chris Zarb (Malta), Do Re Mi Fa, Film Feature
Craig Leon, Future History Films (Trinidad and Tobago), The Creative Soul of Trinidad & Tobago, Documentary Short, Educational / Instructional / Training, Public Service Programming / PSA, Special Purpose Productions
Cyrille Cornu (France), Baobabs between Land and Sea, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Damon Silvester (USA), KILL ME, Latin / Hispanic
Daniel Goldberg (USA), Stationary, Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Darlene Seller sand Heath Ward, Chop Socky Boom Films (USA), Chop Socky Boom episode II: Callbacks, Web Series, Direction, Editing, Script/Writer
David Bolt (USA), Fourth World, Film Feature
David Bussan (USA), The Gospel According to Charlie, Documentary Short
David Peters (USA), Find Me, Documentary Feature
Edward Shieh (USA), Sonnet 134, Web / Internet Programming
Emmanuel Foissotte and Angela Gongqi Yu (USA), This is California, Animation
Essi Rafael (Brazil), TV is On, Film Short

IndieFEST Merit Color

Gunnar Tørnes (Norway), MONICA, Film Short (Student)
Hannah Hoover (USA), The Blessing, Film Short
Ivo Kalushev (Mexico), The Unexplored, Documentary Short
Jacqueline Journey (USA), Hidden Assets, Actress: Leading (Jacqueline Journey as Ava Town)
Jaime Valdueza (USA), Burned, Film Short, Direction
Jane Shepard (USA), Earning the Day, Women Filmmakers
Janet Paxton Gardner (USA), Lost Child ~ Sayon’s Journey, Women Filmmakers
Jay R. Weneta (USA), GUEST, Film Short (Student)
JC Falcon (USA), Maintenance Required, Film Short
Joe Scott (United Kingdom), My Lonely Me, Film Feature, Actress: Supporting (Jan Anderson as Polly)
John Michael Mouskos (United Kingdom), Unlined, Film Short
John R. Dilworth (USA), THE DIRDY BIRDY REDUX, Film Short
Jon Russell Cring, Jack Skyyler, Alex Zinzopoulos and Beth Konrad Brown (USA), Point Society, Web / Internet Programming
Jonatas da Silva, Regent University (USA), Iskhod, Film Short (Student)
Kamila Dydyna (Ireland), Testimony, Film Short
Kane Farabaugh (USA), The Greatest Honor, Documentary Short
Kylie Cagle (USA), To Love Unconditionally, Women Filmmakers, Editing
Lara Ingraham (USA), Hairapy, Web / Internet Programming
Lucky Mor (USA), F#@K I Love U, Web / Internet Programming
Mae Catt (USA), Sam’s Story, Women Filmmakers
Man Zolf (Canada), The Enigma of Victory, Film Short
Marc Fernandez (USA), The Hotline Miami Story, Documentary Short
Mário Ventura (Portugal), The Imperfect Cradle, Disability Issues
Matthew G. Anderson (USA), Theater People – ‘The Winter’s Fail’, Web / Internet Programming
May Taherzadeh (Malawi), Mercy’s Blessing, Women Filmmakers
Mel Hsieh (Taiwan), iNTERFACE, Experimental (Student)
Mercedes Gaspar (Spain), HUIDAS / ESCAPES, Special Purpose Productions
Michael Castro Sainz (USA), When Negatives Collide, Film Short (Student)
Michael Gorlick (Canada), Reinventing The Reel, LGBT
Mischa Auzins (USA), Freedom Lost, Film Short
Murray Foster & Darren Portelli (Canada), The Cocksure Lads Movie, Original Song (The Cocksure Lads by Murray Foster and Mike Ford)

IndieFEST Merit Color

Nathan Bach, Dalton Lilley, Shea Castle and Ben Owen (USA), Dream Writers, Television – Pilot Program
Nathan Boehm, Jessie Sherman & Katie Wilbert (USA), Are We Dating or Are We Just Friends, Actress: Leading (Jessie Sherman as Jessie), Actress: Supporting (Katie Wilbert as Katie)
Neal Fox (USA), The CONSPIRACY Project, Documentary Feature
Nien Han-Wen (Taiwan), Sweeter Than My Drink, Film Short (Student)
Nikki Muffoletto (USA), Model Diet – Beyond the Runway, Documentary Feature
Oscar Lyons (USA), Always, Film Short (Student)
Peter Fearon (United Kingdom), Hidden from View, Film Feature
Remii Huang (USA), Summer In The Water, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Richard Sanborn, Regent University (USA), Seven Stages, Film Short (Student)
Robert Welsh (Scotland), Avaritia, Actor: Leading (Robert A. Welsh as Adam)
Robin de Zwart (Canada), Circular, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Round Table Pictures (USA), Forts of Reason, Actor: Leading (Emmett Lee Stang as Hamlet)
Ryan LaPine (USA), Inner Peace, Film Short (Student)
Sara Botsford and Christopher Brown (USA), Those Damn Canadians, Web / Internet Programming
Saul Hericks (USA), Secrets and Lies — CLS Ferguson ft. Rich Ferguson, Music Video
Shane Killian and Jon Jedliskowski (USA), Housekeeping, Film Short
Shawn Cheatham (USA), Love / Sick, Film Short
Stathis Plotas (Sweden), For My Children, Documentary Feature
Stevie J. Kezic (Australia), Beneath, Film Short
Sun Park (South Korea), More than Words, Film Short and Three Sisters, Film Short
Sylvie Barbier (France), First Instinct, Experimental
Taras Demian Groves (United Kingdom), The Profesional, Film Feature
Theo Tsanas (Canada), Meeting Paris, Film Short (Student)
TJ Walker and Rick Walters (USA), Phoenix Run “Home”, Web / Internet Programming
Tom Mae (Canada), Keepers of the Loom, Documentary Feature
Tony Lindsay (USA), Where Hearts Lie, Film Feature, African American
Tyler Peck, DRKBLU Films (USA), Electric Blue, Film Short
Walter Groessbauer (Austria), Summer in Vienna, Documentary Feature
Wen Ren (USA), An Inconvenient Stay, Asian American
Wolfpack Productions Ltd (United Kingdom), #SketchPack, Web Series
Yoomi Kim (USA), End & Eternity, Animation
Yuki Saito (Japan), Shabu-Shabu Spirit, Film Short
Zu Quirke (United Kingdom), Tiny Bible, Women Filmmakers

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