Award of Merit January 2016

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit
IndieFEST Film AwardsAaron Hose (USA, Aruba),
The Sons of Mapes, Documentary Short
Alberto Nacci (Italy), THE PERFECT MACHINE, Disability Issues
Alyssa Taylor Wendt (USA), HAINT, Women Filmmakers
Bradley Stryker (Canada), Land of Smiles, Film Feature
Carlo Christian Spano (Italy), Grado Mission, Documentary Feature
David Rae Morris (USA), Yazoo Revisited: Integration and Segregation in a Deep Southern Town, Documentary Feature
Emerson Smith (USA), Beach House Way, Actor: Leading (Emerson Smith as Emerson)
NADA & USADA / (Germany), The Andreas Krieger Story, Documentary Short
Prano Bailey-Bond (United Kingdom), NASTY, Film Short
Randy Van Dyke and David Edmundson (USA), Non-Stop to Comic-Con, Film Feature
Rima Irani (Lebanon), Forgiveness, Experimental (Student)
Ryan Caraway (USA), By Jingo, Actor: Leading (Ryan Caraway as Sean Daly)
Stephen Brooks (USA), Flytrap, Film Feature
Stephen Bullen (USA), Syncretic Noise, Experimental
Stephen Mastrocola (USA), In The Dismal Night Hours, LGBT
Xavier Berenguer (Spain), GAIA, The Big Mother, Documentary Short
Zack Stoff (USA), Countless, Film Short
Indie Film Festival winner

Alyssa Taylor Wendt (USA), HAINT, Experimental
Andres Galarza (Canada), 444, Film Short
Angie Walls (USA), Redmonton, Women Filmmakers, Webisode, Web Series, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing, Cinematography, Direction, Script / Writer, Actress: Leading (Amber Gwin as Caroline)
Anthony Ash Brennan (Australia), PUNKS FOR WEST PAPUA, Documentary Feature
Ariana Bundy (UAE), Ariana’s Persian Kitchen, Television – Program / Series
Ashley Mosher (USA), This is How it Ends, Film Short
Carlos Alberto Poe (Ecuador), The Trap, Latin / Hispanic
Casey Dunn (USA), Opening Up, Web Tube Length Video
Chris Guinn (USA), Interview With A Racist, Film Short
Construir TV (Argentina), The Ability Factor, Documentary Short
Daniel Paeres (Colombia), Una Mujer (A Woman), Film Feature
Demian Rudel Rey (Argentina), Cenizas del Tiempo, Experimental
Doug Roos (USA), The Sky Has Fallen, Film Feature, Special Effects: Non-Animation
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Simple Equations (II), Educational / Instructional / Training
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Everybody Has Their Own Strengths, Children / Family Programming
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Coastal Environments (I) – Erosional Landforms, Educational / Instructional / Training
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), The Stationery Shop, Educational / Instructional / Training
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Information Leakage, Educational / Instructional / Training

IndieFEST Merit Color

Eileen Mabel (USA), Finding Mabel, Latin / Hispanic
Elena Dirstaru, University of Essex (United Kingdom), But They Can’t Break Stones, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Elizabeth Daube, Andrew Hida and Jonathan Torgovnik, American Jewish World Service (USA), On The Road: Khushi’s Story, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Nonprofit / Fundraising, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising, Documentary Program / Series, Public Service Programming / PSA
Elizabeth Daube, Andrew Hida and Jonathan Torgovnik, American Jewish World Service (USA), Meant For Something More: Sonali’s Story, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Nonprofit / Fundraising, Documentary Program / Series, Public Service Programming / PSA
Eunjae Lee (South Korea), About Death, Animation
Fancy Fechser (USA), Caste A Wave, Documentary Short
Fede Ponce (USA), Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey, Movie Trailer
Felipe Restrepo (Argentina), De hormigón armado (Reinforced concrete), Film Feature
Gabriel Reid (New Zealand), Every Moment, Film Short
GAPC Entertainment (Canada), mathXplosion, Webisode
George Tynan Crowley (USA), Cleopatra Backstage, Actress: Leading (Pamela Guest as Elyse DeMeyers / Cleopatra)
Gregory Chen (USA), JIBi, Animation (Student), Original Score (Student) (JIBi Original Soundtrack)
Ingrid Nachstern and Luca Truffarelli, Night Star Dance Company (Ireland), Freedom-to go!, Experimental
J.B. Edwards (USA), A Walk in the Park, Film Short
Jasmine O’Donnell (USA), SUCCULENT & SAVORY, Actress: Leading (Jasmine O’Donnell as Chef Valentina)
Jeanne Moran (USA), white demon, Film Short (Student)
Jim Harris (USA), Poor George, Creativity / Originality
Jim Likens (USA), The Green Bench, Film Short
Josh Miller and Elias Tanner (USA), A Fucking Web Series, Web / Internet Programming

IndieFEST Merit Color

Kay Madsen (USA), Yardsale, Documentary Short
Kelsey Jorissen (USA), Birthday Cake, Women Filmmakers and Darker The Berry, LGBT and  Boys and Girls, Webisode
Kevin R. Free, Eevin Hartsough and Matt Scott (USA), Gemma & The Bear!, Web / Internet Programming
Laura Seay (USA), SPEAK, Film Short
Mary Bonney (USA), Break: The Musical, Women Filmmakers
Matias Francisco Bolla (Australia), Archie, Film Short (Student)
Matt Rocklin (USA), Dogs & Me: Season 2, Webisode
Maurice Huvelin (France), BIGSHOT SERIES, Television – Program / Series
Mele Mason (USA), I Dream of an Omaha Where . . ., Special Purpose Productions
Mert Kizilay (USA), Frank Riggio – TTTT, Music Video
Mike Varley and Jonny Kapps (USA), Good Clean F—, Webisode
Prano Bailey-Bond (United Kingdom), NASTY, Actress: Supporting (Madeleine Hutchins as Mum / Carol)
Renée Paillés (Mexico), The Last Trip, Film Feature
Ruoyu Guo (USA), FADE, Film Short
Russ Emanuel (USA), Occupants: Teaser Trailer, Movie Trailer
Ryan Caraway (USA), By Jingo, Direction, Film Feature
Samantha Manalang (USA), Late Bloomer, Music Video
Sangita Iyer (Canada), Gods in Shackles, Documentary Feature
Stefan Andrews, Ocean Imaging (Australia), Plague of Thorns. A silent massacre in the Maldives., Documentary Short
Timothy Gaer (USA), Winner, Film Short
Troy Greenwood (Canada), How to Survive (a Zombie Apocalypse) in Retail, Television – Pilot Program
Wade Balsamo (USA), Paracosm, Film Short

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