Award of Merit – January 2015

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit
IndieFEST Film AwardsAlex Alonso (USA),
My Kingdom Come: An LA Gangster Rap Story, Documentary Short
Archita Mandal (USA), Untread, Actor: Leading (Daniel Rief as Haz), Concept
Armando P. Ibanez (USA), South Texas Gentle Men of Steel – Christian
Billy Marchese (USA), Relatives, Documentary Short, Editing, Cinematography
Bob Blevins & Bradly Werley (USA), T.P., Animation
Cyril Morin (France), Hacker’s Game, Film Feature, Art Direction, Original Score (Hacker’s Game Original Soundtrack by Cyril Morin & Seven Saturdays), Original Song (“Make note of every sound” by Seven Saturdays)
Damian Lang (Australia), Unauthorised Tears, Film Short (Student)
Dean Ginsburg (Australia), Alone, Film Short
DENYC (aka Denise Poole (USA), California Roll, Web Series
Derek Nelson (USA), Down With David, Web Series, Actor: Leading (Derek Nelson as David)
Felipe Gon (USA), Sam’s Box, Film Short
Fi Dieter (USA), Irreversible, Film Short (Student)
Fabrice Bracq (France), Dad In Mum, Film Short
Gwendolyn Barriac (USA), The Fallen Phoenix, Animation
Holly Schroeder (USA), Nursery Rhymes, Music Video
Jency Griffin Hogan (USA), Madeline’s Oil, Film Short
Joe Buscemi (USA), The Bloodline, Film Short
John Taschner (USA), GEN RX, Filmmaker 17 years and younger
Joji Alonso (Philippines), Ekstra (The Bit Player), Actress: Leading (Vilma Santos as Loida Malabanan)
Jonathan & Wendilyn Emrys (USA), The Man In The Red Suit, Film Short
Juan Lecanda (Mexico), 8 Aranas, Actor: Leading (Juan Lecanda)
Kelly Amis (USA), The Path To Prison, Documentary Short
Kirill Kripak (United Arab Emirates), RomantiCorp – Where Love Comes To Life, Cinematography, Post-Production Overall, Direction
Laura Thies & Bogdan Tomassini-Buechner (Germany), Amongst the Shadows, Film Feature
LI Ho-Shou & SHU Yi-Chi (Taiwan), Hello! Mr. Mayor, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Marcus Ovnell (Sweden), The Break-in, Film Feature, Direction, Actress: Leading (Jenny Lampa as The Woman)
Martin Kennedy, Sarah McGuirk & 32K Productions (Ireland), Déanta as Adhmad, Documentary Short (Student)
Matthew Josten (USA), New Shoes, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mauro John Capece (Italy), La Scultura, Actress: Leading (Corinna Coroneo as Korinne)
Michael Kehoe (USA), HUSH, Film Short
Nick Coppola (USA), Mirror, Film Short
Nirali Somaia (Australia), Little Big Hero, Animation (Student)
Paul Sapiano (USA), Driving While Black, Film Feature
Robert Fritz (USA), Chasing Rainbows, Actress: Leading (Kirsti Torhaug as Roberta Lee), Actress: Leading (Natalie Neilson as Scarlet)
Rosalyn Rosen (USA), The Other Kind, Film Feature
SangHo Lee (Canada), Little Bird, Film Short
Stelio Savante (USA), Once We Were Slaves, Actor: Leading (Stelio Savante as Demas)
Tony White (USA), THANK YOU STAN, Documentary Short, Special Purpose Productions
Wang Shaudi (Taiwan), Friends or Foes?, Special Purpose Productions, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Indie Film Festival winner
Adrian Di Salle (Australia), The Adventures Of Lucy, Animation, Filmmaker 17 years and younger, Special Effects: Animation, Creativity / Originality
Alessandra Cataleta (Italy), SCRAPS, Documentary Feature
Alexandre Tavares (Canada), We AdVANCE – A Documentary Film on Patient Safety, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Documentary Feature, Educational / Industrial / Training
Andrew Elizaga (USA), A Hospital in the Pines, Documentary Short
Angela Page (USA), UNPLUGGING AUNT VERA, Film Short
Ara Celi (USA), My Rosie Life, Television – Pilot Program
Archita Mandal (USA), Untread, Direction, Experimental, Creativity / Originality
Arunaraje Patil (India), Behind the Glass Wall, Documentary Feature
Ashley Alexander (Canada), Becoming Sophie, Film Short
Aurèle Ferrier (Switzerland), INFRASTRUCTURES, Experimental
Austin Fickman (USA), Take a Stand, Filmmaker 17 years and younger
Aziz Zairov & Mukhamed Mamyrbekov(Kazakhstan), to be or not to be?, Disability Issues
Barbara Weissenbeck & Gerald Benesch (Austria), The Carsony Brothers, Documentary Feature
Brent Hoover (USA), The Odyssey of Destiny, Actor: Supporting (Don Hartman as Talon Adkins)
Bruce Sze Han (USA), Awaken, Film Short (Student)
Caleb Noel (USA), For Your Pleasure, Music Video
Celine Lesage (France), One way trip to Siem Reap, Documentary Short
Chin-Yuan Ke (Taiwan), Dive with You, Nature/Environment / Wildlife
Chris Hennessy (USA), Hilarious Healing, Movie Trailer
Christopher Price (USA), Stalled, Film Feature, Direction
D. Jeremy Bolton (USA), Textisms, Film Short
Daniel Diosdado (USA), Chromosome 4, Film Short
Daniel Feighery (USA), Heaven, Music Video
Daniele Bonarini (Italy), Like if.., Disability Issues
David Pettine & E.L. Sanchez (USA), Nursery Rhyme, Film Feature
Dylan Melcher (USA), Crosby Rail, Documentary Short
Education Bureau (Hong Kong), Newtonian Mechanics, Educational  / Industrial / Training
Education Bureau (Hong Kong), World Trade, Educational / Industrial / Training
Ernest Talusan (Philippines), Tsuper Hero (Filipino Jeepney Driver/Hero), Film Short
Eeshaan Roy (USA), rem, Film Short
Florin Marksteiner (Canada), The Cultured Criminal, Film Short
Gaëna da Sylva (Canada) & Bill Madden (USA), Francesca, Music Video
Gary Schmad (USA), The Last Road to Cambodia, Documentary Feature
Greg Morgan (USA), The Boatman, Latin/Hispanic
Hank Isaac (USA), LILAC – Series Pilot – “Getting the Point Across”, Webisode, Actress: Leading (Elora Coble as Lilac), Direction
Hoda Elatawi (Canada), Muneeza in the Middle, Women Filmmakers
Hildegard Keller (USA), Whatever Comes Next, Documentary Feature
Hojin Kim (Korea), Burglar, Film Short
Hugo Martinez (USA), The Box, Latin / Hispanic
Ignacio Velásquez (Chile), Heartbeats, Young Filmmaker 17 years and under
Izzy La Mac (Australia), The Super Hero Clean Up Squad (SHCUS) – Pilot, Television – Pilot Program (Student)
Jillie Simon & Thomas Simon  (USA), Hungry, Actress: Leading (Jillie Simon as Allison Lenare)
J.J. Pardo (USA), Between You & Me, Film Feature
Joan Widdifield (USA), Rainy Season, Documentary Short
Johnna Janis (USA), Invisible Scars, Documentary Feature
Kevin Hanna (USA), Public Access, Television – Pilot Program
Kevin Victor (Australia), I was born in 1985, Film Short
Kyle Kenyon (USA), FreeForAll, Documentary Short
L.E Salas (USA), Death Drive, LGBT
Lee Dewyze & Andrew Michael Golden (USA), Fight, Music Video
Lexi Brandt (USA), The Red Sweater, Jewish, Actress: Leading (Florrie Shaen as Grandma)
Liliya Anisimova (USA), Love is the highest law, Documentary Feature
Lisa Baroni (USA), Marriage 2.0, Film Feature
Lynn Monica (USA), Special Siblings, Disability Issues
Malak Quota (United Arab Emirates), With Time, Film Short
Mauro John Capece (Italy), La Scultura, Film Feature, LGBT
Michael Rossi (USA), Always Remember, Actress: Leading (Ariana Molkara as Suzie)
Min Reid (USA), Silver Girl ~ Vanaka (Featuring Oriana Sanders), Music Video
Min Reid (USA), Still Beautiful ~ Vanaka (Featuring J.R. RICHARDS), Music Video
Myungsuk Kim (USA), Mookkoori, Film Short (Student)
Nicholas Engan (USA), Kandiyohi, Film Feature
Nuno Cruz (Switzerland), The Mother, Original Score (The Mother)
Olly Williams (United Kingdom), The Fly, Film Short
Per-Josef Idivuoma (Sweden), Ellos Sápmi, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Peter Barton (USA), Women of ’69, Unboxed, Documentary Short
Peyton Dukes (USA), You Only Live Forever, Film Short (Student)
Pierre Yves Hampartzoumian (France), Buffalo Rising, Film Short
Randy Smith (USA), Aurora Borealis – 250 Miles Above the Earth, Film Short
Rich Varville (USA), HEAD TRIP SUPERSTAR – Let’s Get Medicated, Music Video
Richard Daniels (USA), Dancing Sondheim, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety
Robert Fritz (USA), Chasing Rainbows, Actor: Leading (Shawn Parr as Brian), Film Feature, Actor: Supporting (Joe Pike as Kevin Murphy)
Ronald Marquisee (USA), Impossible Choice, LGBT
Ryan McCabe (USA), The Adventures of Captain Contraceptive, Actor: Supporting (Henry Mouat as Dr. Porkwell) (Student)
Salome Tkebuchava (USA), The Theater, Women Filmmakers
Samuel Ott (USA), Cold Son, Film Short
Scorpione (Italy), Legendary Warriors Saga, Movie Trailer, Special Effects: Non-Animation
Sean E. Zilke (USA), Pinata, Film Feature
Serena Ferrari (USA), Carnival for Animals, Young Filmmakers, Film Short
Shenouda Gewaid (USA), Because I love you, Christian
Sophie O’Connor (Australia), Hangry, Film Short
Stephan Morrow and John Steppling (USA), Dogmouth, Film Feature
Warren Gebhardt (United Kingdom), Kentish Fire – In Our Band, Music Video
Yen-Kung Kuo (Taiwan), From Hear to There, Remixes / Mashups
Youcef Mahmoudi (France), KOSMODROME, Film Short

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