Category List for IndieFEST

48 Hour Film
Action / Adventure
Actor: Leading
Actor: Supporting
Actress: Leading
Actress: Supporting
African American Filmmaker
African American Theme
Art Direction
Asian Filmmaker
Asian Theme
Children /Family Programming
Christian Filmmaker
Christian Theme
College / University / Government
Comedy Program / Series
Commercial / Infomercial
Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Corporate / Employee Communication
Costume Design
Creativity / Originality
Disability Issues
Filmmaker with a Disability
Documentary / Program/ Series
Documentary Feature
Documentary Short
Drama Program / Series
Dramatic Impact
Educational / Instructional / How-To
Educational / Instructional / Training
Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety
Ensemble Cast
Film Feature
Film Short
Fitness / Personal Growth
Health / Medicine / Science
History / Biographical / Travel
Humor / Humorist
Industrial / Technical / Business
Interview / Talk Show
Live TV Events
Islamic Filmmaker
Islamic Theme
Jewish Filmmaker
Jewish Theme
Latin / Hispanic Filmmaker
Latin / Hispanic Theme
LGBTQ+ Filmmaker
LGBTQ+ Theme
Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Limited Series / Miniseries
Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Movie Trailer
Music Video
Narration / Voice-Over Talent (non acting)
Native Peoples / Aboriginal Filmmaker
Native Peoples / Aboriginal Theme
Nature / Environment / Wildlife
News / Weather
Nonprofit / Fundraising
On-Camera Talent (non-acting)
Original Score
Original Song
Pilot Program / Series
Podcasts / Webcasts / Webinars
Post-Production Overall
Public Service Programming / PSA
Reality Programming
Religion / Ethics
Sales / Branding / Product Demonstration
Remixes / Mashups
Script / Writer
Set Design
Sound Editing / Sound Mixing
Sound: Overall Impact
Special Effects: Animation
Special Effects: Non-Animation / Stunts
Special Purpose Film
Special Purpose Internet Productions
Special Purpose Productions
Special Purpose Productions / Live Events
Sports / Fitness
Television – Pilot Program
Television – Program / Series
Title / Credit Design
Tourism / Travel
Training / Industrial Productions
Tube Length Videos (5 minutes or less)
Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Use of Film / Video in Social Networking
Use of Film / Video to Enhance Website
Use of Film / Video to Foster Interactivity
Video Blogging
Video Remixes / Mashups
Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Webisode (Enter only one)
Web Series (Enter more than one)
Web / Internet Programming
Web Tube Length Video
Wedding Video
Women Filmmakers
Women Theme
Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger (if you qualify for this category – this is the best category to enter)

**Note – If you pay for a “student” category – your listing will appear as student.