Award of Merit August 2020

Indie Film Festival
The judges wish to recognize the Award of Merit winners for notable
artistic or technical aspects of their project in the categories entered.

IndieFEST Award of Merit

Bradley Hawkins (USA), Calf Rope, Film Short, Movie Trailer
Cameron Barrett (USA), Think of Your Neighbors, Public Service Programming / PSA
Chris and Robert Smellin (Australia), In Love with Ally Barker, Actress: Leading (Laura Jane Turner as Ally Barker), LGBT
Derek Bauer (USA), Two Yellow Lines, Film Feature
Devi Morgan (USA), Like Daughter, Like Mother, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Devi Morgan as Myra)
Gigisha Abashidze (USA), BODY PLACE IMAGE, Documentary Short
Hongshi Zhong (USA), Almost May, Film Short (Student)
Joslyn Rose Lyons (USA), Looking Glass, Women Filmmakers
M. Rowan Meyer (USA), Patient, Television – Pilot Program
Marcelo Vogelaar, Graci Guarani, Alexandre Pankararu, Thiago Dezan, Leo Otero and Thomaz Pedro (United Kingdom), My Blood Is Red, Documentary Feature
Menelek Lumumba (USA), 1 Angry Black Man, Film Feature, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Michael Everett (USA), Canes Creek, Music Video
Myles Banks, Just Stunt Productions, LLC (USA), Not Just A Game -The Story of Savage, Documentary Short
Richard Zelniker (USA), Beckoned, Film Short
Russell Southam (Australia), Black Heart, Red Hands, Actor: Leading (Benjamin W Sullivan as Pete), Film Short (Russell Southam)
Seth Kozak (USA), Rendezvous, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Steve Chivers (USA), Dated, Film Short
Steve Gibson (USA), The Lost Within, Actor: Leading (David Gries as Jon Edens), Actress: Leading (Jami Tennille as Adelaide Zook), Film Feature
Thomas R. Bloom (USA), Human, Music Video
Tiffany Rhodes (USA), Harbor Island, Television – Pilot Program, Women Filmmakers

Indie Film Festival winner

Adam Swain Ferguson (USA), Patrick, LGBT
Alan Mascareno (USA), Safe and Warm (Lullaby for Jesus), Music Video
Alexandra Conway (USA), alone. together., Film Short
Amir Mehran and Mojtaba Esmaealzadeh (Iran), Tree, Film Short
Angie Castro (USA), Salsa Mia, Latin / Hispanic
Ani Hovannisian (USA), The Hidden Map, Documentary Feature
Anthony Giordano (USA), The Anthony Show, Web Series
Bradley Hawkins (USA), Calf Rope, Actor: Leading (Gorman Ruggiero as Mac), Children / Family Programming, Direction (Bradley Hawkins), Editing (Ryan Geesaman), Script / Writer (Jake Stetler & Bradley Hawkins), Original Score (Calf Rope by Ellie Brooke & Bradley Hawkins), Cinematography (Sofia Monzerratt)
Breeana Hinton (USA), Wake, Animation
Brian Thomas (USA), Amy’s Victory Dance, Disability Issues
Bryan Crain and Dave Cantrell (USA), Oil Capital Underground: The Genesis and Evolution of Punk Rock in Tulsa-Late 70’s to Mid 90’s, Documentary Feature
Calvin Kai Ku and Ken Newman (USA), It Stops Today, Music Video, Original Song (I Can’t Breathe – Words and Music by Ken Newman)
Calvin Kai Ku and Ken Newman (USA), What Am I Afraid Of, Music Video
Caris Vujcec (USA), Pepper: Ricochet, Actor: Supporting (Maxon Davis as Russian Operative), Costume Design (Lenore Pemberton), Editing (Jessica Green), Original Song (Divide It Up composed by Gus Walters & At the Helm), Animation (Phaneendra Mylavarapu)

Catherine Legault (Canada), Sisters: Dream & Variations, Documentary Feature, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays, Women Filmmakers
Chiffon Valentine (USA), Cliques, Television – Pilot Program
Conny Conrad (Germany), Live Your Life Today, Music Video
Cristiano Neila (Italy), Grabadora Sound, Film Short
Dagmar Scheibenreif (United Kingdom), VOID, Women Filmmakers, Direction
Dakota Blose (USA), Anything Helps, Animation
Darren Hawkins (Australia), The Lonely Road, Film Short
David Elmy and Amelia Gwaltney (USA), ConsentR, Web / Internet Programming
Deirdre Allen Timmons (USA), Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker, Documentary Short
Derek Bauer (USA), Two Yellow Lines, Actor: Leading (Zac Titus as Jack Elliott)
Ericka de Alexander (USA), The First Color, Disability Issues, Actress: Leading (Becka Adams as Devon Tout)
George Wingard (USA), We Came A Long Way By Faith:  Catholic Hill and St. James the Greater Catholic Church, Documentary Short
Gigi Burgdorf (United Kingdom), Same Time Next Week, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Giovannie Espiritu (USA), ALLY 3000, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Women Filmmakers, Humor / Humorist
Gui Garcia and Cathryn Castle Garcia (USA), The Mirage: A Pandemic Dream, Film Short
HIRO (Japan), Banana, Music Video
James Anthony (USA), Crossroads, African American, Actor: Leading (James Anthony as Rodney)
James Meyer and Sara Meyer (Germany), The Traveler, Children / Family Programming, Christian, Film Feature

Jason Ivey (USA), Chronicles of a Douche Bag, African American, Pilot Program / Series
Jeanne Taylor (USA), Mrs. Carmody & Mrs. Jellineck: A Brush With Murder!, Web Series
Jeff Willy (USA), Socially Distanced, Web Series
Jen Hosker (USA), New Hampshire:  Live Free and Fly, Experimental, Music Video, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Jennifer Yarbrough and RJ Vinalon (USA), Shock the Monkey – heavy metal cover by Low Octane, Music Video
Jeremy Lu (USA), A Peek of Love, Asian (Student)
Jo Hewer (United Kingdom), Mordecai’s Girl, Web Series
John Walbolt (USA), Non-Eq, Film Short
Jordan Wood (Canada), While You’re Still Here, Editing
Josh Minnie (USA), Murder Has Joined the Meeting, Film Short
Mark Griffin, Gryffyn Productions Ltd (United Kingdom), Lawrence: After Arabia, Film Feature, Actor: Leading (Tom Barber Duffy as T.E. Lawrence)
Mathilde Chavanne, Aurora Films (France), Noée in the Storm, Film Short
Matthew Michael Ross (USA), MOTHER’S DAY MEMORIES, Disability Issues
Michael Phibbs (USA), All In – When Inside Rome (S1E2), Webisode
Michael Yip (USA), The Gay Mafia, LGBT (Student)
Michele Fadani (Italy), DOSOLOSO: THE GREATEST BASKETBALL FIGHT – EPISODE 2, Experimental, Concept
Mo Fini and Edesio Alejandro (United Kingdom), Mambo Man, Latin / Hispanic
Myava Mitchell (USA), Nobody, Music Video
Nela Wagman (USA), That Was Delicious, Actress: Leading (Student) (Nela Wagman as Woman)

Pablo G. Velez (USA), I Wanna Quarantine With You, Music Video
Pete Vanlaw, TOJ Productions (USA), For the Life of Me, Documentary Short, Jewish
Phil Wilson (USA), Caballito de Totora Surfriders of Peru, Documentary Short
Rachael James, A University of Melbourne, Deakin, and OCSC Production (Australia), Cybersecurity and IP Theft: backstory, Film Short
Ramesh Vijayan (USA), Rising Sun, Music Video
Ray Spivey and Jeff Kerr  (USA), Writer’s Block, Film Feature, Actress: Supporting (Jeannie Carter Cruz as Catalina)
Robbie Barnes (USA), Scales, Women Filmmakers
Ronnie Cramer (USA), The Chair, Film Short
Russell Southam (Australia), Black Heart, Red Hands, Actress: Leading (Gemma Dart as Sam), Actress: Supporting (Caitlin Murphy as PSC Det. Sgt. Christine Draper), Editing (Adam Spinks), Post-Production Overall (Russell Southam, Adam Spinks and Jamie Gamache), Special Purpose Productions
Sally Lomidze (USA), All In Favor, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Television – Pilot Program
Seth Kozak (USA), Rendezvous, Actress: Leading (Katarina Morhacova as Catalina Wright)
Sina Sultani (Canada), Refuge, Islamic, Concept
Sonia Bajaj (USA), Remember This, Public Service Programming / PSA, Women Filmmakers
Stephanie Castelete-Tyrrell, Four Wheel Drive Productions (United Kingdom), Living In Fear, Disability Issues
Terry Blade (USA), The Last Macbeth, Music Video
Theresa June-Tao and Thuo Sam (USA), Crash and Burn by December Fades, Original Song (Crash and Burn by December Fades)
Travis Darkow (USA), The Keeping Cost, Film Short

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